Frequently Asked Questions - Missions

How do you subscribe?

1. Please contact our dedicated Support Desk to ask for a contract and our tarifs by emailing to
2. After the receipt of the Sign Up form of your mission, you will receive a message with a confirmation that your account has been created.

When will you receive your VAT card(s)? 

The VAT card(s) of Diplomatic Card Services will be sent to you within max 10 working days to the address of your diplomatic mission. This card enables you to pay immediately without VAT at all connected stores in Belgium and to create access to our Client Portal to follow up the status of your claims.

How do I switch from provider when I want to enjoy the No. 1 VAT Service of DCC?

1. Send an e-mail to your old provider with your new provider in cc to inform you want to terminate your contract.
2. Sign up with your new provider.
3. Send your new invoices to your new provider.
4. IMPORTANT There is a transition period of 2 months before your new invoices will be positively validated by the VAT administration.

Haven't found your question?

Please feel free to contact our acclaimed Support Desk. Our dedicated team is always available to help you with any questions you might have.

How to change the details of your mission?

Your details are filed in a highly secured customer profile. Should any of your details change (for example: home address, contact details, bank account, mobile phone numbers, cards) then please confirm your latest details by email to

How to access the Client Portal for your mission?

- Surf to the Customer portal:
Choose 'Official Use'.
- Enter your card number of Diplomatic Card and your mobile phone number.
- You will receive an four digit code by SMS in order to validate your identity.
- You will then be directed towards the Portal of your mission.
- There is no mobile application for Official Use. Only for Private Use.

How to block your card(s) in case of theft or loss?

To block and or unblock your card, please contact our Support Desk.

Haven't found your question?

Please feel free to contact our acclaimed Support Desk. Our dedicated team is always available to help you with any questions you might have.

Where can you find the connected stores?

Please check our website for the connected stores and suppliers.

How does the VAT card work? 

1. Go to one of the connected stores in Belgium. 
- Make sure to have your VAT card and your mobile phone with you.
2. Before payment at the cash register, hand over your VAT card to the cashier.
3. In order to recognize and validate your VAT privilege, you will receive a 4-digit code per SMS. Mention this code to the person at the cash register. The shop assistant will enter the 4-digit code and the purchase details in our VAT-free application at the connected store.
4. If your mission is exempted of the VAT for this purchase, the application will validate your VAT-free transaction.
5. You can now pay immediately without VAT at the cash register.

How does the AR procedure work? 

Some service oriented organisations like cleaning services / garden services / online orders and translators work with a unique AR code procedure. Please give the supplier your card number of Diplomatic Card. The store will then send Diplomatic Card a 'pro-forma' invoice with the request to give them an AR code after a positive validation from our side. You will then receive a VAT Free invoice from the organization which we receive accordingly from the merchant for processing VAT Free. The organizations who work with an AR procedure for VAT Free invoices are recognizable with the label 'AR code' in the list of our connected stores.

Haven't found your question?

Please feel free to contact our acclaimed Support Desk. Our dedicated team is always available to help you with any questions you might have.

How to apply for VAT reimbursement on purchases?

For purchases at stores that are not yet connected, please ask for a VAT-included invoice, issued on the name and address of your mission, at the moment of the transaction. Diplomatic Card Services processes your purchase after reception of the invoice and takes care of the reimbursement of your VAT.

1. Send us your invoices through the Client Portal or by email to
2. After a few days your invoices will be processed and sent to the VAT administration for validation.
3. After a positive validation by the tax authorities, Diplomatic Card Services Belgium obtains an E-Certificate (an exemption document) from the tax authorities. Diplomatic Card Services Belgium then sends a refund request to the store.
4. The store has a payment term, to pay the VAT to Diplomatic Card Services, until the end of the month following the month the E-Certificate has been sent.
5. Diplomatic Card Services reimburses you the VAT on your bank account following the reception of the payment by the store and with a delay depending on your choice of service (Basic* or Extra**).

Where can you send your refund requests? 

Always upload your invoices on the Client Portal or send them by email to
Client Portal
- Go to the Client Portal:
Go to ‘+ Add a new VAT declaration’.
- You can upload invoices in one of the following document formats  pdf, jpg, jpeg, png.

What document do you need for a smooth VAT refund?

Make sure the document is a proper invoice. Tickets / Pro forma's or order forms are not accepted.
The invoice needs to contain:
- A unique invoice number
- A date of purchase
- The full name of the mission
- The address of your mission
- Merchant Info (Name/address/VAT number/Phone number/E-mail)
- Description of the good(s)/service(s)
- Total amount excluding VAT
- Total amount including VAT
- % of VAT

PLEASE NOTE handwritten personal details on a printed invoice are not allowed, even the correction by hand of a wrong address is not allowed. The invoice has to be totally printed or totally handwritten.

How fast will you receive your VAT reimbursement?

After your Sign Up has been completed, your first transactions will be validated by the Belgium Tax Authorities starting from the first day of the month following your successful subscription.

If you transferred from another operator, a transition period of two months
is required by the Ministry of Finance, starting from the month after the cancellation.

Speed of Reimbursement depends on your choice of service:
- Reimbursement Basic Service*
= within 6 months after reimbursement by the store.
- Reimbursement Extra Service** = after reimbursement by the store.

Where can you  follow the status of your declarations? 

On your personal Client Portal.

What is the meaning of a status? 

Symbol Status transaction Explanation?
( 1 ) Initial
Invoice uploaded in the client's account and is ready to be processed.
( 2 ) Processed Invoice checked by Diplomatic Card and processed.
( 3 ) Pending Approval Request forwarded to the Authorities for validation.
( 4 ) Approved Request received a positive validation.
( 5 ) Disapproved Request has been rejected. You can find the reason for disapproval by clicking on the status 'Disapproved' and 'Validation History'.
( 6 ) Pending Refund Refund request has been sent to the store and Diplomatic Card is awaiting the refund.
( 7 ) Refunded
VAT refunded to the customer. (Bank transactions can take a couple of days to arrive).
( 8 ) Archived Invoice has been checked but could not be processed. You can find the reason for archiving by clicking on the status 'Archived' and 'Validation History'.

Which purchases qualify for VAT reimbursement?

In accordance with the rules set by the Belgian VAT administration the VAT, please consult (link moniteur Belge) to see which categories are VAT exempted.

The minimum amount of one invoice is €125** EXCLUDING VAT.  (€151.25 - 21% VAT and €132.5 - 6%)

**Please note that your privilege depends on the reciprocity rules set by the Belgian VAT administration. As a result, certain missions may not be entitled to the same privileges as other missions. Reciprocity rules may change overtime. Please contact your organisation's Protocol Office for more information.

What do you have to do when a transaction is disapproved?

When a transaction has been archived and there's still something you can do to change the outcome we send an email with the action that you can take.
If you can’t find the email and you want to find out the reason for this archived status:
1. Go to your Client Portal
2. Click on ‘Transactions’ in the upper blue menu bar.
3. You can filter your declaration by status.
4. Click on the transaction to see the details. 
5. Click on the right hand side of the page on ‘Reason for archiving’.
6. You will now see the text with the reason for Archiving this declaration.
7. If you have a new document or extra information to submit, please add a new declaration request. Please do not submit rejected invoices again.

Can you recover the VAT on purchases made abroad?

This is possible, however we do not offer this service. Should you have made purchases made in a member country of the European Union, please contact our support desk for instructions.
In case of purchases done outside Belgium by diplomats stationed in Belgium, a different procedure applies. This process  is based on the Certificate 151. In case the diplomat would like to initiate the 151-procedure, please go to tab C-151 procedure.

Haven't found your question?

Please feel free to contact our acclaimed Support Desk. Our dedicated team is always available to help you with any questions you might have.

When to use C-151 procedure?

- for purchases in an EU Member State other than Belgium

- in Belgium, in all cases where the use of the E-Certificate is not authorized:
*for purchases where the subtotal amount is more than €2.500,- excl VAT for the following three categories :
(*) Services – work on official buildings
(*) Deliveries of movable property placed in official buildings in such a way that they become immovable
(*) Services – surveillance of official buildings

*purchases of motor vehicles,
*purchases of new official buildings, acquisition of real rights on these buildings and real estate works, to the extent that the total tax base exceeds an amount of 2,500 euros,
*continuous supplies of water, gas, electricity and telecommunications and cable TV distribution,
*supplies of goods and services related to official events as well as supplies of food and beverages, and restaurant and catering services,o supplies of goods and services which cannot apparently be factored in for official use (e.g. clothing),
*VAT on the common charges for official buildings, to the extent that the person subject to it acts as a trustee of a building without the right to deduct said charges (decision E.T.75.574 of 09.06.1999),
*supplies of goods and services for the official use of honorary consulates (decision E.T.82.321 of 12.04 2007),o supplies of products subject to excise duties (alcohol, alcoholic drinks, tobacco, and fuels).

Please download the instruction document here in French or English.

The following steps would be

1. Completion of the form. Do not forget to have the certificate countersigned and stamped by your Organization. Kindly note that 2 copies of the certificate are required. Only versions printed recto verso (double sided) will be accepted.

2. Make a copy of the invoice.

3. Send the certificate 151 in twofold and the original invoice to the Belgian General Tax Administration for approval. Their postal address is mentioned on the Certificate. It is the address with Postbox 25.4. After you have received the approval by the authorities, send the positively validated C-151 together with the invoice to the store who has to reimburse the VAT directly to you.

4. If a diplomat or diplomatic mission buys at a company that is established in The Netherlands, then send the approved Certificate and the invoice to the Dutch Tax Authorities. Their address is: Belastingdienst Haaglanden – CB/IFB Prinses Beatrixlaan 512NL-2595 BL Den Haag Nederland

Please download the C-151 document here in French or English for your own use.
If you are interested in our No. 1 VAT service, please contact our Support Desk for our price setting.

Haven't found your question?

Please feel free to contact our acclaimed Support Desk. Our dedicated team is always available to help you with any questions you might have.

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